Partisan’s Boutique Transportable

Partisan’s Boutique Transportable is an art-project consisting of an interactive installation (exposition/exhibition), musical program and a fast food+fast drink pub. It’s mixture of a Soviet-style village grocery store, antiques shop and a traditional Belarusian pub – karchma.

Partisan’s Boutique Transportable underscores the inanities of the contemporary epoch. The project involves out-of-the-ordinary things: unusual works of art, non-mainstream music, strange food and drinks. Oddness is the opposition to the system, mainstream, mass culture, and the general line of the modern civilization.

Partisan’s Boutique Transportableis a mobile store, mini-supermarket, which is moving from one forest to another, serving the partisans all the necessary stuff from matches, cheap laundry soap, faceted glasses, brushes for cleaning empty bottles, bread, plaster piggy banks, sex dolls, old porn magazines, lace curtains, postcards, maps of various localities and towns, fruit jelly, all kinds of documents (Lenin’s library passes, trade union cards, work record cards, US visas etc.) all the way to the works of art, ancient pictures, photos, placards, rugs with deer and swans, top-notch works of new-fangled authors etc.

Partisan’s Boutique Transportable is an explosive mixture of kitsch and high-brow culture, ball and intellectualism, of the serious and the absurd, pop culture and deep reflections on the ways and perspectives of our civilization. It is an artistic metaphor of the modern world, which is growing increasingly similar to a global supermarket with the elements of street fair buffoonery. It is idiocy elevated to the high pitch of the great art. It’s an art show, which is creating unique atmosphere of pagan conviviality. It is the esthetics of intellectual Makhnoism. It is Gogol’s “Marriage in Dikanka” and the scenography of Emir Kusturica’s films in one – as if the viewer finds himself in the Kusturica’s movie “Underground”. The psychotropic effect of the Boutique is achieved by a three-way attack on a viewer: visual, aural and internal; namely, through a specially crafted visual row, carefully compiled musical program and an exclusive assortment of spirits.

Partisan’s Boutique Transportable is a synthesis of art and commerce. Everything, which is not exacted by law, can be said to be justified in the name of the art.


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PARTISANEN. Kultur_Macht_Belarus / 2014

2 (1)The book “PARTISANEN. Kultur_Macht_Belarus” (edition.photoTAPETA, Berlin 2014) is a speccial edition about pARTisan as a conceptual project during its activity. The book includes the main articles from pARTisan issues with the guide-text by Artur Klinau. The structure of the guide is chapters every of which tells about the most important subjects of Belarusian context beginnig the country is got the independency in 1990.

A partisan, says Artur Klinau, is not only a heroic guy with the gun in his hand. “He is also a diagnosis. Pathological state of consciousness with deep-seated fears in response to historical trauma-related”. A partisan is a typical Belarus figure which associated in Belarus with II World War. Using this concept, Klinau created a new myth – partisan as Belarusians’ state of mind, when culture and art are the only way out of the deep misery of his country. As this strategy looks like, it is this book. edition.photoTAPETA

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pARTisan’s Collection

Founded in 2009, pARTisan’s Collection series represents the best of Belarusian modern art. At the end there are 32 albums in the collection (the number of letters in the Belarusian alphabet), which together constitute a unique encyclopedic visual alphabet, a gallery of modern Belarusian culture. 

All albums you could find HERE


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pARTisan Magazine

The pARTisan project is a media project, which includes pARTisan magazines about Contemporary Belarusian Culture (since 2002), the pARTisan’s Collection series (albums by Belarusian artists, since 2009) and web-portal (sinse 2012).

“A Partisan is someone who always hides (‘hide-and-seek’ is the only national game of Belarus); a Partisan is someone who always says about herself: ‘I am absent’; a Partisan is someone who shows herself only at the time of diversion (in our case, intellectual or aesthetic), and then disappears again in the absence of herself”.

Valancin Akudović “Apologists of the Absence”

During of our activity we realized a lot of cooperative projects with foreign partners. For example, pARTisan #14’2011 was supported by “Kanton Aargau”  program (Switzerland) and talked about Belarusian-Swiss cross points; pARTisan #16-17 as well as A Report about Belarusian independent culture and NGO was a result of cooperate with “KulturaEnter” magazine (Poland). In 2013 pARTisan  became a partner of the international project “Report on Construction of a SpaceshipModule” covered the archives of post-soviet East-European countries with big exhibition in New Museum in New York where were used the material from our archive. In 2014 photo.tapeta edition (German) was published the special book about pARTisan’s activity (Artur Klinau “PARTISANEN. Kultur_macht_Belarus”). Since 2014  “pARTisan” is member of Eurozine nerwork.

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