PARTISANEN. Kultur_Macht_Belarus / 2014

2 (1)The book “PARTISANEN. Kultur_Macht_Belarus” (edition.photoTAPETA, Berlin 2014) is a speccial edition about pARTisan as a conceptual project during its activity. The book includes the main articles from pARTisan issues with the guide-text by Artur Klinau. The structure of the guide is chapters every of which tells about the most important subjects of Belarusian context beginnig the country is got the independency in 1990.

A partisan, says Artur Klinau, is not only a heroic guy with the gun in his hand. “He is also a diagnosis. Pathological state of consciousness with deep-seated fears in response to historical trauma-related”. A partisan is a typical Belarus figure which associated in Belarus with II World War. Using this concept, Klinau created a new myth – partisan as Belarusians’ state of mind, when culture and art are the only way out of the deep misery of his country. As this strategy looks like, it is this book. edition.photoTAPETA

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