PARTISANEN. Kultur_Macht_Belarus / 2014

“A partisan, says Artur Klinau, is not only a heroic guy with the gun in his hand. “He is also a diagnosis. Pathological state of consciousness with deep-seated fears in response to historical trauma-related”. A partisan is a typical Belarus figure which associated in Belarus with II World War. Using this concept, Klinau created a new myth – partisan as Belarusians’ state of mind, when culture and art are the only way out of the deep misery of his country

“Škłatara” / 2013

“Śklatara” (Note: “Empties” – “Empty bottles and Jars”) is an autobiographic novel. It is a kind of a partisan report from the closed territory that could mean both the cultural environment and the main character’s soul.We hear the voice of a man who speaks from within his existential situation. Each of us has the same situation: we live and we will die”

“Shalom” (“A Helmet”) / 2011

It is difficult to find in the Belarusian literature a text more suitable and “open” to research space-describing techniques, literary topography of European cities, artistic reflection of the opposition “East-West”, and other manifestations of modern geopolitics.

The Sun City of Dream / 2006

The book “Minsk. The Sun City of Dreams” was written special for Suhrkamp Verlag (Berlin) in 2006. Than it was published on Belarusian in Logvinau publishing house in Minsk (2008). Translated on Polish, Sweden, Hungarian, Russian. The book is a part of Klinau’s concept Minsk as a Sun City of Dream