In 2010 Artur Klinau was an art director of the mystical thriller “Massacre” (dir. Andrey Kudzinienka, Belarusfilm, 2010).

Opening night was on October 7, 2010 in the context of LISTAPAD Film festival (Minsk, Belarus)


Massacre comes from dark forests, mysterious palaces, alcoves with their erotic games and the despair of werewolves. It is modelled on the famous gothic classics, the solid British sets rhyming with Artur Klinau’s straw installations, Dracula’s costume echoing with that of Ms Astrouskaja (Sviatłana Zielankouskaja), who drinks champagne and squeals nonstop. The banquet in a cold room reminds of not only English palace horrors, but also The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Poe and Roger Corman.

The Italian magicians of horror films like Mario Bava and Dario Argento would enjoy the exquisite visual atmosphere of Massacre, created by cameraman Pavał Zubrycki and the artists. The fragile blue, yellow and dark-green frames, pulsating with fear and overcrowded with the sets, come very close to the Euro-cult Italian films… Yet, the love scenes are an example of girls’ kitsch off-limits, delicately aristocratic and fatigued, just the way it should be with an old family of nobility. The Belarusian characters are dressed, and the eroticism is intertwined with a subtle irony. The western sexual film traditions look chaste in the Belarusian Massacre”.

Andrej Rasinski. STRAW MASSACRE OF A COUNT-TURNED-BEAR / pARTisan #12’2010