TEXTS \ 1997

TEXTS project is an interpretation of world literature masterpieces using old suitcases. The suitcase library consists of texts by famous philosophers and revolutionaries. The contents of these suitcase-books are chosen based on the author’s personal associations with the presented texts

50 Buckets of World Art Masterpieces

This project is based on a transfer of a two dimensional work of art into a three dimensional

T007 Project

T007 project is a collection of black metal buckets and other vessels generously embellished by fragments of well-known Soviet artworks. The antique amphorae of ancient Greece used to function as vessels for water or wine and, at the same time, were highly aesthetic, featuring epic scenes of ancient life. Like the antique amphorae, T007 vessels

Pioneer’s Death-III

The main part of the project consists of a chic fall-winter 1996 collection of catafalques. Each visitor has the opportunity to choose and purchase a catafalque that best corresponds to his or her taste, income and comfort requirements for the body’s voyage to the other side of the known


Columbarium of the World Literature \ 1998

Columbarium of the World Literature project is an interactive installation. It functions as a pub/bar where a visitor